Since years we have been working on a solution that’s feasible and 100% compliant. Finally, its here and ready to offer brands a medium that the consumers will never miss;  that too at the right time and right place, when the target consumer is taking a decision.

Reactive Networks along with its technology partner Solution-SCA is excited to introduce Digital Advertising on Shopping Trolleys. A break through in the world of in-store communication!

A solution that offers Multimedia Advertising on Shopping Trolleys.

A medium that repeatedly plays your advertisement right in front of

the target shopper; where your brand effectively communicates

ensuring the shopper views your message.

Now isn’t that justice to your advertising spend?

Introducing "Digital Advertising on Shopping Trolleys”

Digital Trolleys - A One to One Communication with Shoppers


We have successfully implemented our medium in parts of Europe and Middle East; commencing our Middle East journey with Dubai. We have partnered with leading retailers in order to make this dynamic in-store communication tool available to brands; making it possible to effectively showcase the message to the target audience at the point of sale.

Our Digital Trolleys represent thousands of screens and millions of clients but at the same time is one dedicated screen directed at a single shopper which accompanies him / her when traversing shop aisles.

It instantaneously influences results, reaches the shoppers in an astonishingly suggestive manner and at the same time limits the cost of ineffective marketing campaigns.   



 A glimpse of our Digital Trolleys in ICA Maxi - Sweden

Well, call us today to discuss brand benefits, results from our pilot project, further insight and most importantly; a demonstration of our medium. 

Contact Person: Mr. Pawan Satwani


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since 2002